It is a dynamic time of changes and quick decisions. To improve daily business process of our partners and help them be more competitive we created a B2B partner portal for easy access to daily offers, orders and delivery tracking.

B2B partner portal
application form

We invite you to register on our B2B partner portal. This portal enables our partners to check daily updated offers, make easy and quick orders and track delivary. All information you can find in a system are set to suite your partner status so you can easily access updated information anytime.

Account registration process is very simple – all you need to do is fill out this contact form and our B2B department will get in touch with your sign-in data.

Please complete the following application. If this declaration is not completed and submited, your application will not be considered. I confirm that all information given in this form are correct and will be use din business purposes to inform me about portal activities and topics.

With my signature I acknowledge that HGSPOT informatika / Vape Technology d.o.o. will gather and use above information (name, e-ail, VAT ID, phone number…) for sale and marketing purposes (receiving e-amils, catalogues, flyers…). HGSPOT informatika / Vape Technology d.o.o. will use it for those purposes only and will not divulge the information to a third party.