Vape technology info

Vape technology d.o.o. is a ten years old giant and a leading brand in manufacturing and distributing e-liquids and e-cigarettes. We are the the developers of many premium e-cigarette brands, such as Wiip, Red Wolf, Virginia White and JP. We have become the leading distributor in the region of largest worldwide, and lso do OEM products for other companies.

Our brands of e-liquids are carefully crafted to suit targeted buyers needs and are aligned with TPD regulations, TPD 2 and have all certificates. Wide range of products can satisfy the most demanding vapers. We are a part of the HGSPOT group with over 200 employees, 50 milion USD annual transactions and over 3000 satisfied bussines partners. Proudly presenting the best quality products we developed through series of testing in our own lab in Zagreb, Croatia.